Anger and resentment, my semi-permanent companions of the past four years, returned with a vengeance. The Trump-voting Nazi sympathizers had finally delivered on the pervasive violence that has defined this administration.

My day began somberly as a friend shared her story with me. During the summer, her child was verbally and physically assaulted at camp by another parent leveling accusations at him. The irate and abusive mother singled him out of a group for breaking her child’s toy, though he wasn’t even involved in the incident. The tennis club they belonged to temporarily suspended the perpetrator’s membership but rescinded the punishment due to nepotism and influence. Meanwhile, her child was so traumatized that he began seeing a therapist and bedwetting. My friend was frustrated and wanted justice for her innocent child but was reluctant to speak out and be categorized as an angry Black woman. She asked me to speak out on their behalf.

As I mulled over the best way to use my privilege, the world turned again. The white supremacists had decided to take their rage and intolerance to a new level; they launched an insurrection against our government. Our Capitol, an institution I have revered since my first trip to DC at age 8 when I announced my ambitions to run for president one day, was under siege by domestic terrorists goaded on by the President. The details emerged as the media painted a terrifying picture. After months of unfounded propaganda about election fraud, the armed and aggressive seditionists came in busses allegedly funded by Ginni Thomas, the wife of Clarence Thomas.

The traitors threatened to hang the Vice President for declining to perpetuate the unwarranted claims of voter fraud. The terrorists catcalled Speaker Pelosi, specifically searching for her office to deface it. They chanted her name, beseeching her to meet their mob, some armed with weapons and zip ties. They went into the hallowed Senate chamber to physically remove the ballots affirming President-elect Biden’s victory but were stalled by quick-thinking staffers who grabbed them before evacuation.

The insurrection was the culmination of 4 years of Trump-inspired existential dread erupting into a meld of terror and seething hot rage. The immediate comparisons to the George Floyd protests sparked my outrage. Thousands of people were arrested in their valid protests against police brutality, while 13 people were arrested for invading the seat of legislative government as the police opened the gates and took selfies with the terrorists.

These homegrown terrorists were organized and had a clearly set agenda. Underestimating their fervent devotion is exactly how Trump was elected. We must be prepared for their next strike against democracy.

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