by Flora Day

In case you haven’t noticed, this is #metoo reloaded, round 2, baby. #metoo original just gave us the nerve to acknowledge. It’s been a year. We’ve made ground, but we’re nowhere near done. So, try to put an alleged assaulter, with a history of misogyny on the Supreme Court? Oh, hell nah.


#metoo reloaded, women are telling the stories. Courage and bravery!


I can’t wait for the third one in this sequel, when we start naming names. All of us.


So all y’all predators/assaulters/boys being boys out there: get ready. Get your lists of women “you haven’t assaulted,” prepare the denials, then, eh, I knew her, and then the I was a boy being a boy.


We coming for ya, bitches.


Maybe #metoo 4th sequel can be a comedy, where the predators cry about how it ruined their lives, while we all eat popcorn and slurp coke, you know, the lives we should have been living if GIRLS could just be GIRLS!!