Hello! I’m Ella Noire. I am 15 years old and I live in North Carolina. I love to learn about different cultures and different people from all around the world! I also am very fascinated with law and writing. One of my goals is to try and teach people to become more accepting of one another.

“Hey-ooooh! Coco here. I’m 11 years old, a west-coaster living on the east coast. I fight social injustice and am a pro at making protest signs. I love Hillary Clinton, Harry Potter, and Michelle Obama. In my spare time, I read, listen to music, surf, and think about being President one day. My heroes include my big sis Natahlie, she’s in the US Army, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I want to be an anthropologist when I grow up and study other cultures and learn about people from all over the world.

P.S. loving everybody is cool and being a hater sucks!”

A member of the Lakota Sioux Nation, Coco is already a published author. Coco’s videos are produced by her Mom, Kimber, a self-proclaimed “Mother of Dragons”, raising 4 beautiful, brave kiddos while getting her master’s degree in Anthropology from one of those Elite East-Coast Universities.