Cherie Perrault is being played by Randi Flanagan, known to some as BellaFlan. She’s a feminist, writer, and mother from Toronto, Canada. She loves fan-writing and has contributed an essay in the book Fic, Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World. She likes to laugh at things that make most people uncomfortable and doesn’t believe in using safe words.

Known to her friends equally well as Sam or Kali, Scarlett Grimm’s alter ego is a modern woman trying to have it all–but she’ll settle for getting to work on time. Educated in the mountains of North Carolina, writing has been her primary creative and emotional outlet for over 20 years. Describing herself politically as “slightly to the left of Ché Guevara,” Sam comes to the She the People project with a desire to help shape a better world in which her daughter, and all daughters, can live.

Bella Thorne is the fairy-tale alter ego of a self-taught artist. With a life-long interest in art, Bella began working with watercolors in 1990 and, more recently, started experimenting in the world of botanicals. Bella’s work has been shown both domestically and internationally, and she teaches classes in many mediums at her studio and throughout the US.  Bella’s kids and friends are very proud of all of her ventures.