Crystal can cut you to pieces with her pointed fingernails and her biting wit at the same time. Comfortable in champagne bubble baths and long fur coats, she’ll drip with diamonds while eating a Big Mac dripping with sauce.  Crystal knows what’s up and she’s going to tell you without mincing her words.  Whether she’s investigating the underbelly of the true crime world or ranking her favorite episodes of AbFab, Crystal and her aging Chihuahua are here to point you in the right direction.




Sweet-natured Peggy Day disguises the dark & petty soul of Abby Peck — resident of Portland, Maine via Cincinnati, London, and NYC. She had absolutely no interest in politics until 2016 when Cheeto Satan burst onto the scene. She works in fundraising and is a Doctor Who expert. Abby believes that Maxine Waters will someday lead us into battle.




Sharp-tongued and sharp-witted, Sylvia Fowler has her nose in everything and she can’t wait to tell you about it! Newly-minted as She the People’s “official” movie reviewer (by virtue of her movie pass subscription), Sylvia is going to be living in the theater for the benefit of our audience.  Have a movie you’d like her to review? Send her a request!




Sassy, Southern and Sarcastic — Miriam Aarons takes no prisoners, and neither does the woman behind the critic. Skylar Wierman is a blue star burning in a red state. She resides in the Ozarks of Arkansas with her husband and three children. She has a background in theatre and is currently completing a Masters of Liberal Arts. Her hobbies include painting, all things X-Files, and calling out fuckery where ever she may find it.






Mary Haines looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but there’s an iron core of stubborn within her velvety exterior.  What she loves, she loves fiercely — what she reviles, better start running now.  Luckily for you, Mary is here to guide you through the stormy waters of books, movies, music, and better living through television.