A longtime resident of the Florida Panhandle, Jessica Rhodes writes for us as “Flora Day.” A working Mom of 3, Flora braids hair, cooks dinners and finds the time to #Resist whenever and wherever she can. Flora is a bright blue light in a red state and intends to convert as many of her former peers as she can with her acerbic, insightful and provocative epistolary series – “Dear White Christian Women” – appearing regularly on the She the People Facebook page.

Kitty Slayer is the pen name of Kirsty Sayer … South African transplant to Ohio … of all places. Recovering Mormon. “Not a normal mom but a COOL mom” of five.. ranging from first grade to college. Doula, personal trainer, writer, social media Maven, C-PTSD Survivor, Lover, Fighter. A passion for the underdog and the underrepresented, born with the creative drive to lovingly support her fellow humans to find their personal power, and flex their spectacular strength. Compulsive need to dispense completely brilliant advice, unsolicited or otherwise. Believes that if we don’t laugh we cry, and people soon tire of a cry-baby. Life is lots of things but you can pretty much always find something to laugh about. If you don’t understand irony, you will absolutely hate her.

Alice Cheshire is the playfully patriotic & comedically caustic alter ego of Kim Schwan. Kim lives in Jacksonville, Florida with more dogs than people.  She has 2 children, 3 if you include her husband, and is a passionate Democrat.  Raised by Republicans, Kim is the black sheep of her family.  Nevertheless, she persists and resists.