“I’m Crazy, but I’m not Wrong.” – Meg A. Truth

Joining us from our Neighbor to the North, Liberty Laine enjoys telling stories of interest and weaving them into current events from a unique perspective and a life lived less ordinary. She understands the value of words and how we choose to use them; To inform, entertain, and to share. She believes that progressiveness and change is a good thing, and knows how to take the fear of change away from others. Ms. Laine is a true “Inside Woman” in Canadian progressive politics and looks forward to sharing her insights with us every month.

Lexi Justice is a shouty northeastern feminist who’s new to this whole blog thing but is eager to rise to the challenge. She has a background in leftist politics and applies what she’s learned about social justice to her current job in mental health housing. Hobbies include trolling conservatives on the internet, nihilist memery, petting good doggos, and locating the nearest cocktail.

Sugar Kay is a harried working mother of two, dog lover, and avid history buff. In her copious spare time, she reads, ignores the laundry, fantasy shops online, and volunteers as a costumed re-enactor at her local historical museum.