Verity Violet is the pen name of April Padilla – evolving feminist and emerging essayist. After having an essay about Hillary Clinton published in a post-election book project, April decided to take her own advice and turn her depression into determination and her anger into action. Looking for inspiration to her sheroes – HRC and Princess Leia – the idea for a website truly dedicated to raising the voices of women in a chorus too powerful to be denied was born. She the People is powered by the passion and perseverance of its contributors, April’s supportive friends and family, and all of the women of the Resistance. The Future is Female.

Rose Madder represents the inner rage of every woman.  Rose has characteristics of every woman you’ve ever met, and most of those you haven’t.  Rose could be a mother of two from Michigan, a California paralegal or a corporate executive who escaped from an abusive marriage.  Rose could be the divorced mom trying to make ends meet without child support, or the single 30-year old dealing with society’s expectations about marriage and children. Rose could be a hard-shelled New Yorker with a kind heart and sweet soul that reaches out to everyone around her.  Rose is anyone and everyone and if she speaks to you — she is you.